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High Pressure Laminate partition walls

Our HPL partition system is composed by free-standing panels made of high quality HPL. The panels are connected to each other with a locking structure and sealed with silicone. Partition walls can be easily integrated with windows, doors and all necessary workings and accessories.

HPL surfaces are available with a thickness of 4 mm or 2,5 mm with B-s1, d0 fire behavior class according to EN 13501-1.

High Pressure Laminate (HPL) is a composite material consisting of printed decoration paper fused to multiple sheets of Kraft paper saturated with a synthetic thermosetting resin.


Partition walls and ceilings are built using sandwich panels consisting of a core material between two outer layers, typically composed of smooth and non-porous materials like stainless steel, aluminum or HPL. The core material often consists of substances with excellent insulation properties, such as polystyrene foam, rock wool or aluminum honeycomb.



HPL plastic laminate (4 mm or 2.5 mm)


High-density expanded sintered polystyrene (35kg/m3)

High-density fibre oriented rockwool panel (90kg/m3)

Aluminium honeycomb


Holes for grids and channels

Cable ducts and service panel

Holes for electrical boxes

Lead sheet for soundproofing

Omega profiles

Breakout panel for emergency exit

Coplanar glasses